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What to do About Increased Pain During the Winter

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The most popular and consistent complaint that we are faced with from patients in the winter is increased pain due to the weather. Chronic pain, especially during the holidays, is like Santa Claus: We don’t always see him but we know he’s there. Decreased temperatures impact the joints in our bodies from performing at their peak. Warmer joints mean increased motion resulting in less pain. So, how do we get there? A few ideas to help us make it through the torment of hurting while trying to travel, work, shop for presents, cook, bake, play with our children, walk the dog or even just get out of bed in the morning are as follows:

  1. Patience & positive thinking: Okay, okay, yeah, we know that for those of us that don’t go through this issue daily, we just don’t get it. But having a positive attitude and being patient about the reality of ongoing pain can greatly change the effectiveness of the other tips listed below. It's like to mentally tricking yourself into thinking that you won the lottery and after daydreaming about all the things you would financially take care of for your friends and family, your body may be feeling slightly better enough to move onto the next step of taking care of yourself. Recognize the situation and come up with your own ways to stay upbeat.
  2. (Shhh, Your epidermis is showing! ) Your skin. We are hydrated in three ways, healthy fats, the water we drink; and by drawing in moisture from the air. The latter becomes more difficult to do during the colder months so we must remedy this from a daily regimen of taking better care of our skin. Using moisturizers doesn’t just fight inflammation but helps soften the skin. Lip balm, staying hydrated and not using a lot of soap in the shower can help. Also, stay covered to avoid evaporation. Coats, scarfs etc.
  3. Check your Vitamin D levels. Shorter days with less sun can cause a host of medical issues such as headaches, migraines, irritability, depression and vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Again, in case you already forgot: Hydrate. Shy away from green tea, coffee etc. and stick to H2O !! Water ! Takes a while to get into the habit but always have some with you. At work, at home and in the car. Drink more water!

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